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Older Adults/ Seniors/Elderly Care Services in Delhi NCR, India

  1. People are enjoying longer lives - Although a large percentage of them are looked after by their families, there is a need for healthcare that is in sync with their age and functional status, delivered either at home or the clinic.

  2. Multiple diagnoses / problems -"In my practice, older adults have multiple chronic medical diagnoses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, depression, stress and dementia and/ or inability to walk. I am able to advise on all these at the same visit." Says Dr. Kucheria.

  3. Continuity in Geriatric Care - Continuity in Geriatric Care The combination of age and chronic diseases increases susceptibility to illness, while at the same time dulling the manifestation of disease. The familiarity or continuity that Dr. Kucheria has with the senior is a key factor in better care decisions.

  4. Holistic Care - Her deep interest & work with the elderly & personal work to maintain a healthy lifestyle provide a her a unique insight into the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle at every stage of life. She encourages all her patients to incorporate some form of exercise in their lives & firmly believes it’s never too late to start. She is always glad to discuss benefits of yoga, weight management & healthy food options during her consults.