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Patient Feedback

"Dr. Kucheria is that rare and wonderful thing -- an extraordinarily competent doctor who cares deeply for her patients. She has made a world of difference to the quality of my mother's life, over the past many years in which she has supervised her care. My mother lights up at any mention of Dr Kucheria, let alone on her weekly visits. Kudos and thanks to Dr. Kucheria."

Siddharth Dube - public health specialist and caregiver to two parents

I’ve been closely associated with Dr. Rachna Kucheria for over two decades now, and i would strongly recommend her for all your and your familly's medical needs. She's an extremely dependable doctor for the most genuine advice in your hour of need. If required, she could actually guide you to the best available specialist and best hospital for the requisite problem.

The most important decision to make recently about a urological problem for my father and she has done what an angel can do!

Dr Neeraj Bhaskar - Consultant Dental Surgeon

Dr. Kucheria has been my family consultant for many years - in LA and in Delhi. She was always available on the phone and in person when my children or I fell sick. What I loved about her medical approach was that she never over prescribed. And that she was warm and calm and nurturing through every problem. She was able to deal efficiently with every problem small or big - referring us to the best specialists if needed and always giving the right advice. I recommend her highly.

Shonali Bose - Film maker

"Each patient carries his doctor inside him, we also carry Dr. Rachna Kucheria". Kind, caring, loving, trusting, supportive, Dr. Rachna Kucheria carries each case through as though it was of a family member. Recently my partner, John was in extreme discomfort passing urine. We contacted Dr. Rachna, who hand-held us through a detailed diagnosis. She took a step-by-step approach, viewing the case from different angles and approaches. She reached out to her network of the internationally renowned specialists worldwide and presented us with the the best solutions to our concerns. John was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and thanks to Dr. Rachna Kucheria is treated now and on his way to recovery.

It was a difficult time for us but we knew that we were in highly competent hands. She was warm and friendly, a good listener, gave us her immediate time for the needed care and most importantly a good explainer. She also gave us the confidence that we did not need to go back to the UK for the treatment, but would be in the best hands here in India.

"Thank you Dr. Rachna Kucheria for your excellent help and advice."

John & Sarah

As a family we were extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Rachna Kucheria through the homecare section of Max Hospital, Saket. Our mother was the anchor of our family and a role model for us her children and her grandchildren. She was looked after by Dr. Rachna Kucheria in her declining years. She passed away just short of her 93rd birthday in February this year.
Dr Rachna Kucheria not only proved to be a very competent and caring doctor but also proved to be a kind loving and sensitive "friend" whose routine visits became something that our mother looked forward to. She was able to draw out our mother by engaging her in conversations on subjects that our mother enjoyed. On her visits to our home she was very thorough in attending to our mother’s medical needs. Her diagnostics were accurate and spot on and on occasion allowed us to preempt what might have developed into a more serious condition. I would recommend Dr. Rachna Kucheria as a competent and responsible doctor to anyone who has elderly parents in need of care which is more than merely medical, as is often the case with the elderly.
We wish Dr. Rachna Kucheria all success in her career and remain in gratitude, the Singh Family.

The Singh Family

Dr Kucheria is the GP that you've always been looking for. The kind of GP who is rare to find in this age of multi-speciality hospitals where it is difficult to find doctors who care for you and your well-being rather than how much you can pay. Dr Kucheria is easily accessible, will not rush you, and does not over-prescribe. If you need a specialist, she will know the one who can best treat your ailment and will send you to them. She is the kind of doctor who will actually phone to find out how you are doing even after you have recovered (true story). The only GP you will ever need.

Rachna Singh-Davidar

During one of my annual visits to Delhi since 2001, my 4 year old son had a terrible asthma attack. Dr. Rachna Kucheria came to our rescue. I must admit I don’t often write reviews but I felt it imperative for this doctor.

I am ever grateful to a friend of mine for introducing me to Dr. Kucheria. She had been looking after their aging father through weekly home visits and she insisted I call her.

I now know why.

She was easy to reach, came home to see my son within the hour, put him at ease, made him laugh and gently examined him. Not only did Dr. Kucheria treat him effectively, ( he was better by the evening,) she impressed us with her holistic approach to medicine. For many years, I would actually call her from California to get her opinion for both my sons.

Now that I have been living in Delhi for some years, I feel fortunate to have her as my personal physician and have also entrusted my aging mother into her care.

I have rarely met a doctor who actually listens to you patiently before examining you. Each time she visits my mother, she sits and asks her how she is as if nothing is more important but to listen. She never rushes her, is always thorough, rechecks all her medications, and leaves my mother smiling.

Along with being an exceptional physician, Dr. Kucheria is a very gentle, compassionate and warm person. Her ability to communicate clearly what the diagnosis is, what may have caused the ailment, and provide medicinal, as well as non-medicinal treatments, has always been appreciated. Her understanding of family dynamics is another important strength!

I used to be surprised when she would call a few days after a visit to check on us; now I realize that is just the kind of doctor she is. She does not see you just as a patient for that moment, she actually follows through to see how you are.

I also respect the fact that she has a great network of specialized doctors she does not hesitate to refer you to. I needed some physiotherapy from a fall and she immediately got me in to see an excellent therapist.

There are many doctors, I'm sure there are many great ones. There are very few healers.

Dr. Kucheria is just that ... a healer.

I trust her expertise with the most precious members of my family, so should you.

Sonia Paul - Business Woman